RTB Chapter 1

Chapter One

I don't know how many of you readers have ever raised two boys that were born close together. If you have you know the struggles that come, and the blessing that come as well. It has been a real adventure for me and my wife. We have two boys (both are red heads) that are stubborn (just like red heads) and have gotten into a lot of mischief, In fact I think that our youngest one, who we will call Dragon, only smiles when he is up to something. It is really funny because he will look at you and start to smile. In his eyes you can see that his mind is coming up with ways to get into trouble. He is a funny kid. Our oldest, who we will call T-Rex, was like that, but now he is a little more secretive about when he is up to something. I don't know if you have heard the saying that keeping kids alive until age 5 if a real chore, but sometimes it feels as if 50% of the time it is keeping yourself from killing them. Now don't get me wrong, I would never kill one of my kids, but there have been times when they had done something that could have caused them to be killed if they were much older and had done it to someone else.

This book is about some of those stories that they have done something where I learned something about myself, what I put my parents through, or that are just plane funny. This first story has to deal with candy and having it in a hiding spot. If you have candy that you don't want your kids to eat you need to find a better hiding spot than what I used for this story.

It was just after Christmas. (Yes, we are a Christian family) My wife, who will be Foxy, and I had put the left over candy in the cabinet above the microwave in our kitchen. Foxy or I would get candy out for the boys if they had earned some, and they would see where we would get it from. I have caught Dragon many times trying to get up onto the counter to get into that cabinet. Since he was two at the time I didn't think that he would ever get up there.

Well, one day shortly after when I was at work I got a text message from Foxy. In the text message was a picture of Dragon up on the counter with his face covered in chocolate. He had climbed up onto the counter and ate almost all of the candy. (That little Stink) Foxy said that he got that ability from my side of the family. She is right about that. My dad has said that we kids were able to smell out the candy and had a knack for getting it. He once caught me on top of the frig when I was two just like my little boy.

This experience taught me a few lessons. The first one was to never let the kids see where you get the candy from. If you do then it is no longer a hiding spot, and then they can come up with ways to get to the candy. This brings me up to the next lesson that I learn or re-learned was the kids are very inventive. They will find a way to get what they want such as candy. My son, Dragon had made a ladder out of multiple stepping stools, a bench, and a chair to get to that candy.

T-Rex has shown me other ways that he has been inventive to get what he wanted but that if for another time.



Hey everybody just a quick update.

Steph and I both only have one semester left after this semester.
Jr loves to play with the teddy bear and to attack the burp cloth.

Here is a video of him and his teddy bear.

Oh and people wanted to know if they could request an engineering topic. You can but that doesn't mean I am going to give you an answer right away or at all. The topic might not even be in my field. I will do my best to get an answer posted though.



Do you know what is worse than listening to an accountant talking about accounting? Listening to two accountants talk about it. Do you know what is worse than that? Listening to an engineer talk about the velocities and pressure caused by the spinning of the props on a multi-rotor to cause thrust which when it has enough force over powers gravity to cause lift.

As I get further along in my education I have noticed that a lot of people have a hard time understanding what I do at school. I am sure that most of you have shot off or changed to a different website by now. For the few of you that haven't gone to a different website I am thankful. The reason why I bring this up, is because I would love to help you understand what I talk about when I start talking about engineering. Because engineering really is fun and can be understood if it is presented correctly.

So every once in a while I will be posting something about engineering and I would love for you to give my feed back on what I post. This way I can learn what I can do better to present it better. If you don't understand just say, "speak to me as if I am 8 years old" and if you still don't get it just say, "now as if I am 5 years old."

I will still be posting other random things. Hope you still come and give a look once in a while.